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THIS BREAST MODELING TAPE -  this extremely practical gadget will allow you to wear dresses, blouses or costumes with a deep neckline and backless without any embarrassment - without wearing traditional bras that do not look aesthetically pleasing in such a styling. One roll is up to 5 meters of extremely strong tape  with a permanent adhesive

  • The tape  is made of an  extremely durable and breathable material,  which is nylon and spandex, which has stretching properties.
  • UNIVERSAL -  have you always been afraid of clothes with a deep neckline or open back because of the size of your bust? Now you don't have to worry that your breasts are too small or too big. The tape will easily give shape to a small bust and hold the breasts in larger sizes.  The tapes have an extremely strong adhesive that will work in even the most extreme situations. With this gadget,  you can wear  all  clothes without any restrictions.
  • HIGH QUALITY -  the tape is made of extremely durable and at the same time pleasant to the touch nylon with an admixture of spandex. It is durable , strong and, most importantly, it does not stick under clothes and is waterproof  , which means that you can use this solution even when you know that your skin will sweat intensely. It will withstand even the craziest, extreme outings! The material is elastic up to 180%  , which means that its consumption is small, but the effects are huge!
  • HOW TO USE -  pieces with a maximum length of 20 cm should be glued to dry, cleansed skin,  without lotions and creams, as this weakens the effect of the glue. The tape is waterproof so you can shape the bust even to a swimsuit. It is  imperceptible when worn , you do not have to worry about constantly correcting it. Before applying the tape, remember to put on protective breastplates!