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Are you convinced that only a padded bra will raise the bust? I'll tell you a secret: It doesn't matter what cup you wear, soft, semi soft or padded. The secret lies in the profiling of the underwires, they lift and collect the bust. The cup is just the shell of the breast. So do not look at the type of bowl, buy good bras, which designers are brafitters. 

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What is brafitting?

Brafitting – methodology and technique of choosing bras and underwear articles. The circumference should support 80% of the weight of the breast to relieve the shoulders and not cause long-term damage to the skin and collarbones, so it must be tight enough. The straps are designed to hold the remaining 20% of the weight of the breast and hold the tops of the cups close to the body, so after trying on the selected bra, adjust the straps accordingly and check the degree of comfort. As a rule, the underwire should surround the entire breast tissue, from the sternum to the natural end of a single breast.  A key element of the brafitting process is learning to pull out (or...

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